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Easy Ways To Make Your Movers Happy

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Movers provide an invaluable service for people who are making big changes in their lives. As a customer, you know that getting the best service often means going the extra mile for those providing you said service. If you want to make a good impression on your movers (and, thereby, have them take extra good care of your stuff), try one of these five tips for making movers happy.

1. Be Organized and Ready to Go

If there's one thing movers hate, it's showing up to a job and having the customer be completely unready to move. If you schedule to have movers take your things away, have everything packed and ready to go the night before. That way there's no last minute scrambling to throw things in boxes.

2. Pack Personal Items Securely Away

If you think you're embarrassed when your underwear spill out of a drawer onto the sidewalk, imagine how the mover feels when he or she has to pick them all up. Don't leave drawers full of unmentionables unsecured. Pack those things away and avoid the embarrassment.

3. Take Inventory

One snag many moving companies encounter is having customers complain about lost or stolen items. Chances are very good that your movers are professionals, and would never take anything from you, but being involved in the moving process, and making a list of valuable items can help avoid any such confrontation. Not only does being involved help keep everyone on track, but making a list and checking it twice can help the moving company's insurance cover any accidental losses.

4. Offer Refreshments

Movers, such as those found through http://www.midwaymoving.com, do hard, physical work for a living. Most bring their own food and drink, and you're in the middle of moving, so don't go to any trouble. However, making sure you have fresh, preferably cold, water available in case they run out, and maybe a little something to nibble on will mean the world to the people who are working so hard for you.

5. Make Sure the Movers are Prepared

Giving your movers one simple piece of information can be a big help to them. Draw up a quick sketch of your new floor plan. That helps the movers correctly unload your stuff and place it where it belongs. This also avoids any frustration on your part. You won't find a guest bedroom box in your closet or family room furniture in the den.

Fostering a solid rapport with your movers will make the whole process much smoother. Best wishes on your move, and all your new adventures!