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4 Tips To Fight Puppy Pee Stains In Your Carpet

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There's no doubt you love your new puppy. The only problem? He keeps peeing on your carpet. While investing time in potty training your puppy, you'll also want to start the clean-up process on your affected carpets. Follow these simple tips to remove fresh and set-in puppy pee and get your carpet spic-and-span.

Try to Get the Spots While They're Still Wet

This is actually a good thing. If your puppy pee is still a bit wet, start by blotting up the excess with a dry towel or bunched paper towels. You can additionally use a shop vac to suck up any remaining dampness before applying a cleaner. The faster you do this, the better for preventing set-in stains. If you can't catch the spots when they're wet, soak the dried spot with some warm water, blot, and remove with your shop vac. This will prepare the area for your cleaning mix.

Make a Cleaning Solution

Make use of a teaspoon of your liquid dish washing detergent and a cup of warm water. You want to stick with dishwasher detergent, as laundry soap and liquid dish soap can contain bleaches or lanolin which can discolor your carpet. If you have access to a spray bottle, go ahead and pour the mixture into it.

Soak the Stain

Whether the puppy pee is fresh or dry, apply the cleaning solution on top of it either by spraying or lightly pouring. Let it soak in a bit. Using another towel, blot the solution around and into the stain, ensuring a deep penetration. Again, let this soak for fifteen minutes or so. After soaking the stain with your cleaner, use your shop vac again to suck up the mix. Rinse with a little bit of warm water and repeat the process if necessary.

Fight with Ammonia

After you have pulled up the stain a bit with your cleaning solution, rinse well with warm water a final time. Suck up the excess wetness with your shop vac, and prepare your next cleaning solution. Following safe practices for handling ammonia for cleaning, mix two tablespoons of ammonia with a cup of water. Apply this to the last of the stain, blot a little with your clean towel, and rinse. Using your shop vac again, suck all this up. Your stain should disappear.

Feel free to use these tips as much as you need to. You'll want to ensure proper cleaning of puppy pee stains. If you are still having trouble removing old stains, contact a cleaning service, such as Home Maid Cleaning Service, for your carpet and any additional area of your home that your puppy has disturbed.