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Creep Out Your Front Door With These Two Simple Decorating Ideas

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October is nearing, which means it is time to think about decorating your front door for Halloween. You can turn you front door into a mummy or build a wreath of skeleton bones to hang on your front door. These instructions give you the steps to create both Halloween looks for your front door.

The Mummy Door

Decorating your entire front door is a good way to get a lot of scare for a little effort. In a couple of hour's time you can have a mummified corpse for a front door that everyone will see. 

To mummify your front door, you will need:

  • 2 rolls of white crepe paper streamers
  • Roll of clear packaging tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 white paper or foam plates
  • 1 sheet of black paper
  • Glue

Begin by cutting lengths of crepe paper that are a couple of inches wider than your door. Tape down the crepe paper on either side of your front door. The strips of crepe paper need to run horizontally so it looks like mummy wrappings. It looks better if some of the strips of crepe paper streamers overlap and criss-cross on another just like a mummy's wrappings tend to do.

When you have completely covered your front door with crepe paper streamers, cut off any loose streamer ends that may hang off the side of the door. Then, tape a strip of packaging tape down both sides of your door to seal down the crepe paper ends. When you open and close your door the crepe paper tends to get pulled off. With packaging tape, it stays taped to your door better.

Cut out two black circles from the black paper. You want the black circles to fit inside the paper plates, making pupils for the mummy's eyeballs. Glue the pupils onto the paper plate eyeballs and tape them onto your mummy door.

Your mummy door will look pretty cool at night with some flickering Halloween lights framed around the doorway.

The Wreath of Bones

A grinning wreath of bones hanging on your front door will set your home apart from the others in your neighborhood.

To make your own skeleton bone wreath, you will need:

  • 1 set of foam skeleton bones, or a full-sized, jointed, plastic skeleton that you can dismantle to make your wreath
  • Foam or plastic craft glue
  1. Start by sorting your skeleton parts with the hands, feet, pelvis, and spine in one pile, and all the leg and arm bones in another pile with the skull.
  2. Arrange the first pile of bones into a wreath shape, with bones overlapping each other. This will make it easier to attach the bones together with the glue. 
  3. Glue the bones together, one at a time, keeping them in a wreath shape. 
  4. Position the leg and arm bones onto the base bones of your wreath, then glue them into place. Be sure to position the skull and jaw bone onto the top so that it is the central focus of your wreath.
  5. Hang the wreath of bones on your front door, or if your door has been mummified, you can hang it right next to, or above your front door.

With both of these easy-to-do crafts, you can get your front door ready for Halloween. Your front door makes the perfect central space to haunt with spooks and creepy things. A door supplier can help you upgrade to a new front door for the big event.