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Gel Foam Mattresses -- Memory Foam, But Better

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The biggest complaint people have when it comes to regular memory foam mattresses is heat retention. The foam acts as a natural insulator, trapping heat near your body, rather than drawing it away.

This may cause some discomfort if you prefer to be on the cooler side while getting your rest, especially in the warmer months. While adjusting the thermostat and bedding material can be somewhat helpful in alleviating this problem, there is another answer that does not involve a higher electric bill -- gel foam.

Gel foam is one of the newest trends mattress makers have picked up on. This third generation memory foam adds a layer of cooling gel to the layer or layers of regular visco-elastic foam. The gel is fused with the polyurethane combination in order to pull heat away from the body, creating a cooler sleeping experience.

The increased breathability of gel foam may help them last longer, as the reduced body heat will decrease the time it takes for the mattress to resume its original shape after each use. This may possibly reduce the chances of body impressions being left in the foam with prolonged use, but the technology is still too new to compare durability to regular memory foam mattresses.

All the Benefits of Memory Foam

Gel foam is no downgrade in comparison to a regular memory foam mattress. It offers all of the familiar benefits, like increased comfort and a good night's rest due to the pressure point relief and proper body alignment. Gel foam contours to your body, creating a personal sleep environment for each person sleeping on the mattress. It reduces any motion transfer, so you or your partner are not disturbed by the other person shifting positions or getting up out of bed.

Like regular memory foam, gel foam is also less prone to mildew and dust mite problems, reducing allergens that can make sleep uncomfortable or cause asthma-related issues. There are also a variety of foam densities to choose from. Denser foam mattresses are on the firmer side, creating a cradling effect around your body. Less dense mattresses are on the softer side, for those who prefer to sink into the bed a bit more.

Gel foam mattresses are a great option for those who highly value a cooler sleeping experience, but enjoy all the benefits of traditional memory foam mattresses from a store like Buis Mattress & Bedroom Furnishings. There are minimal, if any, trade-offs in comparison, making them a great option to consider if you are looking to replace your mattress.