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Interior Design To Declutter And Organize A Small, Stylish Apartment Space

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In a small apartment, it is difficult to find a place for all of your clothing, shoes, kitchenware and cleaning supplies, let alone personal possessions and memorabilia. Many home goods stores sell unappealing plastic and polyester units to store shoes and clothing under beds and closets. If you are tired of cramming your belongings into hidden places, make storage part of your interior design.


Whether made from light or dark wood, baskets are beautiful and add to the comforting feel of any home. Measure the spaces above the cabinets in your kitchen or office to buy large matching rectangular wicker baskets. High cabinets lined with baskets look beautiful and do not even need a lid as they are above the line of sight. Also buy rectangular upright baskets with lids to place next to chairs, couches, beds, kitchen counters and doorways. These can be used as side tables and storage units. Store linens, shoes, off-season clothing, books, albums, office supplies, toiletries, laundry and even garbage in plain sight! You can also use bed risers to line beautiful baskets under your bed. You no longer have to stuff belongings in plastic bins hidden behind an annoying bed skirt. Everyone will love the country-like feel baskets create in your small city apartment.


Another way to beautify your space and hide clutter is with simple sheets of beautiful fabric. If you have a table or desk with four legs, use a staple gun to hang a straight piece of fabric from the underside of the tabletop. Wrap the fabric around all exposed sides of the table and measure ahead of time to ensure it is flush with the floor. Whether you use burlap, part of a white linen curtain or an elaborately designed blanket, your table or desk will be transformed into a functional and beautiful storage unit.  You can also staple fabrics to the inside of glass-door cabinets or doorless closets to hide clutter and add the effect of wall art.


Finally, if you have memorabilia stashed away in boxes, present them center stage! Get grandma's crystal bowl out of storage, fill it with your seashell collection and use it as a centerpiece. Place books with nice bindings face out on windowsills, above shelves or in a small stack on a table. Finally, display awards, childhood drawings, coin collections, jewelry or seashells in regular or boxed frames for all to see! 

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