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4 Colorful Fern Varieties for Your Backyard

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Do you have a hard time getting flowers and other plants to thrive in your shady backyard? Planting ferns is the perfect solution. Most varieties of ferns actually prefer to be in the shade rather than in the sunshine. They'll do well in the dank, shady corners of your yard, especially if there is a ditch, stream, or other source of water nearby.

Ferns are not all just green, either. Here's a look at four colorful fern varieties that will add loads of character to your shaded landscape.

Koidzuma's Wood Fern

This fern variety produces new fronds that are a brilliant burgundy in color. These colorful fronds appear during the autumn, so they pair nicely with the yellow and orange leaves that are falling from the trees. The older fronds of Koidzuma's wood fern are a deep green, so you get a nice mixture of colors. Most ferns of this variety will reach between 18 and 24 inches in height. Koidzuma's wood fern prefers full shade, but will do okay in partial shade if the soil is very moist.

Brilliance Autumn Fern

Green in the summer, this fern turns an orange-copper shade in the fall. Its long fronds look spectacular in most any garden bed. They are very lacy with long, elegant leaves. Brilliance autumn ferns are extremely versatile, and will thrive in most any landscape regardless of humidity or temperature. They can even tolerate some sunlight in the morning.

Cretan Brake Fern

A small fern variety, Cretan brake ferns only reach between 12 and 18 inches in height when mature. They come in several different varieties, some of which have silvery gray leaves, and others of which turn a bright yellow in the autumn months. Cretan brake ferns do require that the soil remains consistently moist -- they are not drought tolerant. The tops may begin to appear bleached if exposed to too much sunlight.

Rosy Maidenhair Fern

This elegant, feminine fern variety has many small, feather-like fronds that turn a dusty rose color in the fall, but remain green throughout the summer. The stems of these fronds are dark brown or even black. Rosy maidenhair ferns are not hard to grow as long as your soil remains moist and slightly acidic, but they will not tolerate dry soil.

Ferns are a lovely addition to a shady yard. Even if only part of your yard is in shade, you can use ferns to add character to that part of your landscape. Place these colorful varieties in garden beds, along the edges of buildings, or even along the edge of a pond, and you'll be amazed at their beauty year after year. For more questions, talk to landscaping experts such as CNC Lawn Care, Inc.