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How Does A Retired Mom Work For A Successful Real Estate Agency In New York?

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Did you give up your career for kids and are now an empty nester in New York Sate? Working for a real estate agency may be the easiest and least expensive transition into a lucrative career. 


To receive your real estate sales person license in New York, you will need to complete 75 hours of a state approved course. You also need to reach out to a New York State licensed real estate broker to request sponsorship before registering and passing the NYS real estate salesperson examination. After at least two years of full time experience as an active licensed real estate salesperson, or at least three years of full time experience in the general real estate field, you can then choose to apply for your broker license.

For a real estate broker license, you will need 120 hours of training. All of the approved courses and exams necessary to become certified can be completed online from the comfort of your own home. Every state has different requirement but if you become certified in New York, you can work in ten other states without additional training or exams. Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Pennsylvania all have these reciprocity agreements with New York State.


While training costs vary depending on the school and course you choose, real estate course fees can be pretty low. The state certification exam costs only $15. A real estate license costs $50, while a broker license costs $150. To be considered credible, you will also have to join and pay dues to state and national real estate associations. These are well worth the investment as your membership will increase your credibility to secure you more jobs. These organizations also provide services to actively help you find jobs.

In addition to these mandatory fees, it is a wise investment to pay for business cards and advertising space in magazines, newspapers, online,and on local billboards. Set aside $1000 to $2000 to cover overall expenses.

Find a real estate agency Look into real estate brokerages to determine which agency or office you want to work for. Working with a broker is thankfully a requirement for real estate agents as brokers will help you with any questions or concerns when first listing and selling homes. Remember that after two years, you can become your own broker and work for yourself or with a partner! Keep in mind that some real estate agencies may require you to take additional courses after being hired.

Think about the size of the brokerage and who they serve. Do you want to help young renters find a new low cost apartment every year or sell upscale summer cottages to established homeowners? The former means more frequent units sold but smaller pay days per unit, while the latter grants higher payouts with fewer opportunities to sell.

Get noticed Get a mentor through your brokerage to help build your connections and portfolio. Then use social media and your own real-life socializing skills to market yourself; Don't be shy about asking people if they are looking to buy or rent, or if they can refer you to their own wide network.

If you are serious about building clientele, become an important person in your community: Attend local meetings; host a town-wide fundraiser for a cause; throw an open invitation party at a local stomping ground; and get your face on benches and buses in your area. If everyone knows who you are and considers you a leader, you'll be the number one referral in town. (For more information on real estate agencies, contact a company such as Felte Real Estate)