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Motorized Blinds: Everything You Need To Know

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Motorized blinds are a great investment for those who are looking for blinds that are easy to manage, and require little to no effort on your part when it comes to opening and closing them. While blinds that could control themselves may have seemed like some type of futuristic invention in the past, it is now quite possible.

This article will talk about the different kinds of motorized blinds that you can choose from, how they work, and why you could benefit from purchasing them.

Different Kinds of Motorized Blinds

The motorized blinds are made to either lift your blinds up and down, or turn them from an open to closed position or vice versa. If you would like blinds that can be completely opened and closed, you can choose from cellular shades, bamboo shades, roman shades, or any other type of shades that do not have specific blind slats in them.

For the blinds that can be opened and closed, you can choose from faux wood or real wood blinds or aluminum blinds (regular or mini). These 3 options are possible because they all have individual blind slats that will be moved with the motor. 

How They Work

The blinds attached to your window have a small motor in them, and can be controlled by a remote control. This remote control uses a radio frequency to adjust your blinds with the touch of a button. While some motorized blinds may have wires, the majority of them are completely wireless.

The motor generally resides in the top of the blinds, allowing it to adjust them easily. The motor can control the levers that move your blinds up and down, and can also control the direction of your blind slats. Some original blinds can have a motor installed inside of them, while others simply come with a motor already installed in them.

Why You Should Get Them

Motorized blinds are great for a few different reasons. One reason being that they make it easy for you to adjust your blinds, if you have a window that is hard to get to. You will simply need to press a button, and will not have to try and squeeze into the area where the window is located. Another reason is that using motorized blinds can be safer for both your children and your pets.

Without any of the extra strings and small plastic pieces, there is less of a chance that your child is going to get tangled up in the cords or choke on one of the small pieces. The motorized blinds also just make it easier to adjust your blinds in general, which is something that can often be tedious and tiresome.