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Turn Your Boring Basement Into The Ultimate Playroom

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Do you have kids and a basement crying out for remodeling? Take that wasted unused space and create the ultimate kids playroom. Your kids will believe you are parent of the year and you will gain some well-deserved peace and quiet as they check out their new space. Who knows? Maybe you will actually have to call them twice to come to dinner. 

Your choices are limited only by your space, imagination, and budget. Working with an experienced contractor can open the doors to endless options. You should consider a few things before finalizing your design ideas.

Ages and Stages

The ages of your children will have a big impact on your basement design ideas. If you have young children, you will want to have open spaces for floor play and the larger toys that accompany toddler and preschoolers. 

If your children are school age, you may want to incorporate areas for homework and hanging out with friends.

Teens will of course want a place to lounge and consider their place in the universe.

Function and Form

If you have children of different ages and stages, you will want to incorporate all their needs (and some of their desires) into your design plan. In addition, you will need to consider if you want the room to function as more than a kid and teen hangout. 

Using multifunctional furniture can turn your playroom into a guest room for visitors or convert it to a family hangout for everyone to enjoy on weekends and holidays. 

Talk to your children and examine their interests and passions, using their hobbies and activities as part of your basement redesign.

Lights, Camera, Action

If you have a child who is interested in theater or dance, consider adding a raised stage to part of your basement. A few simple lighting accessories, curtains, and a microphone can turn a once drab corner into the stage of your child's dreams.

Make It Physical

If you have a child that thrives on physical activity, add a rock wall to one end of your basement. With a few padded mats, a trapeze bar, or tire swing, you will have an indoor playground that will let your active dynamo burn off energy even on the snowiest of days. 

With the help of a general contractor, such as HomePro Handyman Services, you can turn your basement into a pirate's den, a fashion studio, arts and craft area, the Wild West, or anything else that strikes your fancy.