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3 Signs Your Septic System Needs Service

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If you are like most people, you might give the cold shoulder to your septic system. Thoughts of messy pipes and terrible smells are usually reason enough for people to completely ignore obvious signs of trouble, which can lead to total plumbing system failures. Here are three signs that your septic system needs a little tender loving care, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of indoor plumbing.

1: Bad Smells Coming From Plumbing Fixtures

Have you ever noticed bad smells drifting from your drains? Before you light a scented candle or mask the odor with room sprays, you need to consider the fact that it could be a serious sign of septic trouble.

Over time, your septic system fills with solids, fats, and bacteria-riddled wastewater. As these materials decompose, they can give off extraordinarily foul odors, which can be pushed back into your home. In order to remove bacteria and deodorize your septic tank, you should ask a professional to treat your system with chlorine tablets.

Your septic tank expert will add the proper number of tablets to your septic tank system hatch, and the chlorine will kill about 99% of tank bacteria within 10 minutes. Not only will having your system treated help to reduce odors in your home, but it will also ensure that the wastewater released underground is safe and free of pathogens.

2: Slow Drains

Are you tired of dealing with the hassles of slow drains? Soap scum and food residue are often left behind when water doesn't exit quickly enough, which can lead to additional cleaning later. Instead of running to the hardware store to buy a giant bottle of drain cleaner, it is important to realize that the problem could be caused by a full septic tank.

Although wastewater is regularly released from your septic system, solids sink to the bottom and eventually fill your entire tank. As your tank fills, it can halt the flow of incoming wastewater or clog outgoing lines, which can slow your indoor drains.

If you have a septic system and you notice slow drains, call a professional right away. Septic tank experts will be able to evaluate your system and determine if it needs to be pumped. On average, most septic tank owners have to have their system pumped every 1–3 years.

3: Marshy Landscaping

Does your yard seem muddy? Unfortunately, failure to pump your system regularly can make underground septic lines burst, which can cause wastewater to spill underground and cause large, stinky, marshy areas.

In order to spot signs of trouble, become familiar with where your septic tank is buried. As you take care of yard work, check the area around your tank to look for excess moisture. If the area seems much wetter than usual, have a professional, such as Sullivan Septic, come out to inspect your septic system for leaks or burst pipes.

Paying attention to your septic system can help you to address issues before they grow into giant problems.