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Authentic Farmhouse Look On A Budget

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You don't have to live in the country to give your home that rustic touch. You can give any home that old country charm without spending a fortune. You just have to know where to find what you need to turn your home into the farmhouse of your dreams. The important thing to remember is to take your time in creating your dream home. Furnish and decorate it one piece at a time, just like they did in the old days.

A room set up all in one day or from the same store looks forced and artificial but with a little effort and time, you can create something authentic.

The Appeal of the Farm House Style

Imagine a farm house and what comes to mind? Things like picket fences, dark wood, colorful print fabrics and small, cozy rooms to name a few. Your average farmhouse will have lots of land, a wrap-around porch, a large kitchen, a "parlor" and at least one fireplace. Country homes evoke feelings of  simple times, of coziness and warmth.

The Design Aspects

Farm houses were built to be functional. Rooms were small to be more effectively heated. Sofas and chairs were designed for comfort and didn't always match. Wooden floors had braided rugs which were made to last and easy to take outside and clean.

Rooms weren't decorated with expensive trappings or look like showrooms. Rather, they were informal, filled with a patchwork of practical household items and mismatched furniture that's been acquired piece by piece over the years.

The Furnishings to Use

If you want to find extraordinary furnishings and home decor, stay away from the commercial stores. You'll never get the look you want with mass produced products. It also helps to be a bit crafty. Go to your local library or research online to learn various decorating skills such as fabric upholstering or painting techniques. A little DIY know-how goes a long way to turn an ordinary item into a perfect one-of-a-kind accent piece for your home. Now you can breathe new life into that old bookcase you found or turn those thrift store frames into wall art.

The Benefits of Shopping At Thrift Stores

Start shopping thrift stores on a regular basis. Check local papers and national classifieds like Craig's list for yard sales, estate sales and flea markets. This is where you will find provincial pieces of furniture, vintage decor, and the most unique household items for dirt cheap. You never know when you'll find decor discounts that will fit your needs.

Be willing to travel a little-a lot of out-of-the-way rural towns list "barn sales" where you can find some real rustic and antique treasures. For the best bargain hunting, set aside a Saturday or Sunday morning and map out where all the sales are that day. Plan on being there early before someone else scoops up all the good stuff. Last but not least, take your sweet time. Don't buy just because you want to get the job done. You can't rush charm.