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How You Can Prevent Diabetes with an AC Installation

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An air conditioning system can make you more comfortable. But installing an air conditioner might help reduce your chances of diabetes. The following are just some ways that an air conditioning system may keep diabetes from harming your health.

Melatonin, Insulin & The Right Temperature

Your body produces insulin. Insulin is a peptide hormone that regulates metabolism and helps your body absorb sugar to create energy. But lack of sleep may create a dangerous resistance to the effects of insulin. Your body becomes more susceptible to diabetes if it cannot properly produce or use insulin.

An air conditioner installation can help you get the right amount of sleep. Putting the temperature in your home to around 60 to 67 degrees will help your brain create melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps you feel drowsy and also allows you to sleep deeply.

You should also keep in mind a second study that found a link between melatonin and diabetes. The research found that low secretions of melatonin may increase the risk of diabetes. The link between melatonin and the risk of diabetes may be due to melatonin's role in the secretion of insulin. Your liver won't be able to secrete insulin without a sufficient amount of melatonin. 

That slightly chilly temperature may not be desirable, but it does benefit your body more than you know.

Temperature Helps Create Brown Cells

Brown cells are cells that help regulate weight, sugar, and temperature in your body. Your body uses brown cells to keep your body warm in cooler temperatures. A study found that sleeping or just living in slightly chilly temperatures help produce more brown cells.

You want an overabundance of brown cells to regulate sugar and fat levels in your body. Regulating the sugar and fat in your body is a good reason to have an AC installed.

The study concluded that a temperature of 66.2 was ideal to help create brown cells in your body. The research also pointed out that 71.6 degrees slows down the production of said cells. Keep in mind that installing an air conditioning system will also protect you from temperatures that decrease brown cells. The study highlighted that 80 degrees or higher decreases the amount of the aforementioned sugar-eating cells.

Be sure to talk to an air conditioner specialist through resources like http://www.abaileyplumbing.com about installing an AC in your home to decrease your chances of diabetes—and don't forget to choose healthy foods, because that is important too.