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Getting Your Car Out Of The Snow

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Winter brings with it many challenges to car owners. You might find it difficult to find your car and you may also have a difficult time digging your car out. But help is on the way with these steps.

Parking Your Car

One of the first challenges of digging your car out of the snow is to figure out where your car is located. During the winter, make sure to remember where you parked your car, since they can all look the same when covered with snow. Another option is to place a stake near the car so you know which one is yours. When you are at home, try to park your car close to the end of the driveway so you do not have to clear out as much snow to get your car out.

Using the Right Tool

When removing snow from your car, try to avoid using a shovel because it's likely that you'll cause damage to your vehicle. Metal and plastic shovels have hard edges that can easily scratch your car. Only use the ice scraper for ice on the window. The better option is a brush made out of polyurethane foam. To avoid damage to the car, minimize the contact that your brush has with the car. It is okay to leave small amounts of snow on the vehicle. The heat from the engine will be able to remove what is left.

Do not use hot water to melt the ice or snow. The fast change in temperature can cause glass to crack or shatter. Also, if the temperature is cold enough, the water will simply freeze and make the problem worse.

Freeing the Tires

If ice has formed on the tires, use a sharp object such as a screwdriver to break up the ice. Be careful not to puncture the tires when doing so. Also, dig a path from the tires away from the snow so your car will not be stuck.

Removing Salt

Salt is often applied to roads to make them safer to drive on and salt can end up on the snow that then becomes attached to your car, potentially causing rust. The best way to remove the salt is to travel to a touch-less car wash. Other types of car washes will rub the salt into the car and increase the risk of corrosion. Don't try to wipe the salt off without washing the vehicle because this will simply rub the salt in, which will cause significant scratching.

Commercial snow removal companies, like Lighthouse Landscape LLC, often remove a lot of snow for you, but if you find your car stuck in the snow, use these tips to help.