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How Sand Makes A Lush Yard Even Better

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When you imagine a perfect, beautiful yard surrounding your home you probably think of trees, grass and flowers. Chances are your first thought is not about sand. You may think that sand is wonderful at the beach or for a play area, but not something to use in your yard. But sand from a company like Burien Bark LLC is useful for so many things in and around your yard. Here is why, if you want your yard to be the best it can be, you are going to need to bring in some sand.

Improving Garden Soil

While it is true that too much sand will reduce plant growth or prevent it entirely, some sand is a necessity. Adding sand will balance out heavy, clumping clay soils, making them easier to work with and drain better. Since it will not hold water as easily, any previous problems from rotted roots will be eliminated. It can also be easier for the roots from transplanted plants or trees to grow and become established because the soil will be less dense.

A Better Lawn

Sand is a good material to use to level out lumpy lawns. It often will need to be mixed with topsoil so it will be nutrient-rich enough for grass to grow. When added to a problem lawn it can help to eliminate depressions, fill those ankle-twisting holes and make it easier to mow the grass evenly without. As an additional bonus, the added sand can help to discourage tunneling animals from invading the yard.

For Eye Catching Designs

Sand can be used in a number of ways to add exciting features to a landscape. It can be a tidy way to edge walkways and driveways and it is commonly used as a base layer for paving stones. Sand can be used to create a very low-maintenance meditation area or rock garden. Or use it to give your outdoor entertaining area a beach-inspired makeover. The sand is soft and comfortable under the feet, chairs and table legs can sink into the surface so they will sit securely and the area will remain very low maintenance.

Working with sand is not a simple task. Too much sand will destroy a lawn or garden and the wrong type of sand can contain bacteria and other organisms which could be harmful to your yard. To ensure that the sand is used properly to balance your soil or make whatever other improvements you need, get advice or assistance from a professional landscaper.