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Trends In Wedding Flowers

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Flowers, like those at Holmes McDuffy Florist Inc, are one of the most important pieces of decor in a wedding. They adorn every table and every member of the wedding party and can give guests a hint of what's to come when they walk into your reception and ceremony. Take a look at some of the latest trends in wedding flowers and see how they fit into the ceremony and reception feel you're planning for your big day. 

Towering Centerpieces

Your centerpieces should never obstruct conversation, and the rule has always been to keep them low enough that they don't block guests' faces from each other. But the latest trend is to make centerpieces tall. These tall centerpieces should be narrow at the bottom so they don't obstruct conversation, but explode into blossoms over guests' heads. Envision a small flowering tree on each table and you've got the idea. A look like this provides a stunning visual for guests entering your reception. 

An Outdoor Feel

A hot trend in weddings is bringing the outdoors in. Ask your florist to decorate your venue with flowering branches instead of traditional bouquets. It will give your indoor venue the feel of an English garden. Birch branches are particularly popular because of the wedding white bark. We have William and Kate to thank for this trend because their walk to the altar was lined with trees

Twinkle Lights

Ask your florist to include some LED branches or twinkle lights in the flowers that adorn your reception venue. When the lights go down and the dancing starts, the lights can be turned on by remote control, making your flowers look as though tiny fireflies are dancing among them. Votive holders with LED votives hanging from and nestled among your arrangements add a romantic glow. 

Floral Crowns

Floral crowns are becoming a hot alternative to traditional headpieces, especially for an earthy bride. If you choose to wear a floral crown on your wedding day, just be sure that it complements, rather than competes with, your gown. 

Trailing Bouquets

After the huge bridal bouquets of the '80s, brides began opting for smaller, hand-tied bouquets that weren't quite so dramatic or difficult to lift. But the trailing bouquets are making a come-back! They differ from the bouquets of the '80s by being a bit more free form. Rather than structured cascades, today's bride carries a flowing bouquet with trailing vines or flowers that softly trail down her gown.

No matter whether you choose to go with a current trend or buck them all, just be sure that the floral decorations you choose perfectly reflect you and your spouse-to-be on your special day.