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Does Your Garage Door Spring Require Repair?

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Repairing or replacing a garage door spring can be dangerous due to the extreme pressure that these springs are under. Consequently, this repair job should always be completed by a qualified professional. However, before picking up the phone to schedule a service call, you can determine whether or not your garage door problems are the result of a deteriorating spring. In order to complete this task, simply follow the steps below.

Step #1: Disengage Door Opener

If you are currently using an automatic garage door opener, you will need to disengage this opener in order to identify any problems with your garage door spring. In order to disengage your door opener, you will first need to locate the emergency release cord. This cord is typically located either near the top of your garage door or directly beneath the motor of your garage door opener. In most cases, this cord will be red in color and may have a handle attached to the bottom of it. To disengage your door opener, simply pull this release cord.

Step #2: Open Garage Door

From the outside of your garage, begin manually opening your garage door at a slow pace. Once your garage door is open a quarter of the way, simply release the door and observe its behavior. If the door begins to close or slams shut, you have an undeniable problem with your garage door spring. However, if the door holds steady at the point of release, chances are that your garage door problems are not being caused by your spring.

After observing the behavior of your garage door when partially open, finish opening the door. Once the door is fully open, take note of whether or not the door is fully even with the door frame. If the door is not even on both sides, your door may be out of balance.

Step #3: Contact A Repair Contractor

Now that you know what is wrong with your garage door, you call a contractor like Overhead Door Co. of Everett Inc. to complete any necessary repairs. When contacting a local contractor, be sure to inform them of the diagnostic tests you have already completed. This will prevent them from needing to repair these same tests and may ultimately save you money through reduced labor costs.

In Conclusion

If your garage door spring has become worn or damaged, repairing this part quickly is essential to the continued safe operation of your garage door. If you have been experiencing problems with the way your garage door functions, taking a moment to complete the simple test described above can help you to determine once and for all whether or not your garage door spring needs to be repaired.