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Easy Ways To Redecorate Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

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You don't have to go to an expensive furniture store to give your home a completely new look. With a little creativity, you can have a gorgeous home that looks like you spent a fortune without breaking your bank. Here are some fun ideas to add new color and life into any room while sticking to a modest budget.

Reupholster Your Couch and Loveseat

Chances are, your old couch and loveseat are still pretty comfortable. If you don't want to spend the money to replace them, consider having them reupholstered. This is a much more affordable option, and it allows you to pick out the color and fabric you really want. Ask your upholsterer to create a few throw pillows out of the leftover fabric. You can place these pillows on your arm chairs for a coordinated look in the room. Demanche Upholstery is a reputable upholstering company in your area you can contact.

Convert an Old Coffee Table into an Ottoman

Coffee tables are the perfect height for an ottoman, so why not use an old table to create a fun new look in the room? You can find cheap tables at yard sales and thrift shops, and the fabric for your ottoman can be found in any arts and crafts store. While you can upholster the table on your own, you can also hire a professional if you aren't comfortable doing this on your own. Be sure to choose a fabric that coordinates with the other furniture in your room.

Reuse Those Old Picture Frames

Old picture frames can be used for more than just displaying pictures. Get creative with old frames to add a fun, eclectic look to your home. Here are just a few options for how to put those frames to use:

  • Use a large frame and a piece of chalkboard or cork board to create a cute message center for the kitchen
  • Frame a mirror to hang in your closet for when you get ready in the morning
  • Frame your child's old school artwork and hang it around the home
  • Paint your wooden frames to give them a new look
  • Add magnets to the back of smaller frames to hang pictures on your refrigerator

You don't have to buy lots of new furniture and accessories to decorate your home. With a few creative touches, you can transform your home without spending a lot of money. Use these ideas as inspiration and come up with your own great redecorating ideas.