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Is Your Home Prepared In Case Disaster Strikes? Four Things You Need To Consider Doing In Your Home

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Fire, theft, and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your home and personal safety. Having the right safety systems and supplies in place in your home can help you handle whatever type of disaster comes your way. Use this guide to help you prepare so you can face any situation with confidence.

Have Your Alarm Systems Tested Regularly

If you have a home security system, you should talk to your alarm company about having it tested. Have the sensors and cameras examined and make sure that your alarm keypad's batteries have been changed. If you have a fire alarm set up with your home security system, you should also consider using a fire alarm inspection service. You want to make sure that your system is set up to contact the fire department at the first sign of trouble. Your sprinkler system should also be tested to ensure that the water is able to flow properly. For more information, contact Tri Communications Security Services Inc.

Create an Emergency Supply Kit

You don't have to be a doomsday prepper to create an emergency supply kit that keeps you and your family healthy and safe in the event of a disaster. Dedicate a cabinet or storage container in your home to emergency supplies. In addition to fresh water, non-perishable food and flashlights, here are a few other things to keep in your kit that you might not have thought of:

  • Baby wipes for personal hygeine
  • Foot and hand warmers for cold weather
  • Shovels for moving debris
  •  Hard hats for added safety
  • Backup cell phone batteries to help contact emergency services

Practice Evacuating the Home

Safety drills help kids learn what to do in an emergency. Plan evacuation drills in your home regularly so that your kids can prepare themselves for a wide range of scenarios. This means doing more than just fire drills. Have a plan for what to do in the event of a tornado, earthquake, and a severe storm. You can even create safety plans in case someone breaks into your home. Get your children to help create the plans for evacuation and safety so they can be part of the solution

Stash Safety Equipment Around the House

There are lots of things you can do to keep each room in your home safer. Have a first aid kit on hand in every room of the home. Place flashlights and lanterns strategically through the home so you can find them quickly if the power goes out. Invest in one or two emergency-only cell phones that you and your kids can use in case of emergency, and place them in rooms that do not already have a phone.

When you come up with a plan for how to handle a disaster and you invest in and maintain your emergency equipment, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've done everything you can to keep your family safe.