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Telltale Signs That Your Central Air System Needs To Be Recharged

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In many cases, air conditioning issues are caused by a lack of coolant in the system, which is often the last thing that homeowners suspect. This is due to the fact that when central air conditioners are installed, the units are charged with coolant that is designed to last the entire lifetime, but the reality is that various issues such as damage, worn down coils or faulty installation can cause coolant to leak or freeze up. Understanding the telltale indicators that a central air system is in need of a recharge can help homeowners promptly detect potential coolant issues and enlist the services of a professional air conditioning service, like Coastal Heating and Cooling, if needed.

Air Vents Blowing Warm Air

Air vents that continually blow warm or room temperature air often indicate a coolant issue caused by a leak or damage. The best way for a homeowner to determine if the coolant needs a recharge is to adjust the thermostat and reset the system.

Once the system is reset, it should be allowed to run for a short period of time. If warm air continues to blow through the vents, it is important to contact a professional air conditioning service. Once the underlying issue is diagnosed and repaired, the technician will recharge the coolant and the system should run properly again.

Frozen Condensation Buildup

Frost buildup on the connector that is attached to the coolant tank of an air conditioner is also a common indicator of leakage. Over time, connector leaks can deplete coolant levels to the point where only warm air emits from the system. Homeowners may also notice frost on the fan motor or adjacent hoses and tubes. In most cases, loose connectors can be tightened or replaced with little damage to the system, but it is always a good idea for homeowners to enlist the services of a professional to ensure that the job is done correctly. Once the connector is repaired, the technician will add new coolant to the system and recharge the unit.

System Does Not Cool Due to Improper Installation

In certain cases, the only indicator of low coolant levels is a system that does not cool properly. When central air conditioning systems are installed, the coolant charge levels must match the manufacturer's instructions in order for the unit to cool properly. Low coolant levels due to improper installation can easily be remedied with a re-charging procedure. While commercial air conditioner refrigerant can be purchased at various home improvement stores, it is always best for homeowners to contact a professional to perform the charging procedures to ensure safety and efficiency.

A Cool and Comfortable Home

In order to ensure a cool and comfortable home, central air coolant levels must be maintained. Understanding the common causes and signs of low coolant levels allows for prompt repair and smooth system operation during the hot summer months.