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Two Fun Backyard Landscaping Ideas Created By Using Sod

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Sod makes it easy for you to turn your backyard into an enjoyable personal play area for adults and/or children. Here are two ways this durable, instant lawn product can add a sense of fun to your backyard.

What is Sod?

Sod is like a lawn carpet. Also known as turf, it is made up of grass and a layer of soil. Grass roots intertwine as they grow, spreading out rather than down. It is this interlocking root system that allows grass to be harvested in strips, bundled into rolls and then replanted. Like that carpet, it can be cut to fit, making it ideal for backyard landscaping.

Landscaping Fun

Create a Backyard Chess Board

You've probably seen them in public parks, or perhaps on the odd TV show or movie. Oversized, outdoor chess sets are a way to exercise the mind as well as the body. You can find oversized chess sets at a number of outlets, or you can choose to make your own. They can be as simple as painted pie tins with the different pieces appropriately labeled. If chess isn't your game, no problem, the board also works quite nicely for checkers. All you need are those pie tins painted in two different colors.

Alternate squares of sod with precast square concrete slabs to make your outdoor chess board.  The size of your board is only limited by the size of your lawn. Measure out the 64 squares before you begin. You'll need 8 rows with 8 squares in each row. Find out the different sizes of available concrete slabs before you begin and use that as a basis for your measurements. Use a hearty type of turf, such as Kentucky Blue Grass. It has an eye-appealing emerald color and can stand up to all that chess play.

Build Your Personal Golfing Paradise

Golfers know that practice makes perfect. Having your own putting green in the backyard means you can get out and practice whenever the mood strikes. Sod is used on professional golf courses, so why not use it at home? The size of your yard will determine how many practice greens you can install. First, work out the layout and the measurements. Then cut your sod to fit your greens. If you want your putting green to be more challenging cut out spaces for sand-traps. That will give you practice in hitting out of the bunker. Like the chess board, use a hearty turf that will stand up to foot traffic. Bermuda grass is commonly used on golf courses across the United States and is readily available as sod.  

If you have a large yard and you want to create something fun for the whole family, put in a mini-golf course. The greens are built pretty much the same, but you can add challenges like buildings with doors to aim at or bumpers blocking parts of the hole. The possibilities are endless.

Backyards are meant to be enjoyed. Sod helps you create exercise-friendly environments that are just plain fun. Once you've planned out what you want, a company such as Monarch Landscape and Design can help you install your sod.