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Window Glass Replacement: 3 Reasons Why it's Time to Put this on Your Home Improvement List

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Are you in the process of seasonal home improvement projects? One project that should move to the top of your list is window glass replacement. Replacing your windows might not seem like the most exciting project to engage in, but below are three reasons window replace is important before winter arrives.

New Window Glass Provides Stronger Security

The end of the year brings with it all of the fun and cheer of the holiday season. Unfortunately, the end of the year also brings with it a spike in winter holiday seasonal crime. If your windows are cracked, or if the frames are brittle, then your home will be easy for thieves to break into. After all, there's nothing that a thief loves more than a window that makes it easy for them to enter a house.

Experts say that you can make it harder for thieves to enter you home when you replace your current glass with plexiglass. The material isn't as delicate as regular glass is. A thief isn't going to waste time trying to break plexiglass.

New Windows Will Help To Lower Your Heating Bill

The last thing that you or any other homeowner wants to deal with is a high heating bill this winter. You won't have a choice but to run your heater during the winter, but you do have a choice in the steps you take to use your heater more efficiently. One thing you can do is create more insulation around your home. This prevents you from having to run your heater on higher temperatures. 

You can create more insulation when you replace your current windows with thicker, energy-efficient glass. If you purchase a single pane model, then specifically ask your contractor about glass that blocks out cold air while keeping the warm air inside. Or, you can purchase double-paned window glass. The design also serves the purpose of keeping your home's warm air from escaping outside. 

New Block Windows Provide Privacy

Are you craving more privacy in specific rooms of your home? You can remove the old glass and replace it with block windows. As the name implies, the glass (Or the acrylic) is cut into thick blocks. The blocks are etched or molded with designs that create a translucent appearance. In other words, light will enter your home, but the designs on the blocks will make it hard for anyone outside your house to see inside your home. 

While you're conducting your seasonal home improvement projects, be sure to make window glass replacement a priority. New windows provide greater security against theft, energy efficiency, and privacy. If you have more questions, talk to local suppliers and installers such as Glasshopper Schor Glass.